Natalie Lynn-Atife
Aug 19 • 2 min

New Perks and Benefits!

2021 has so far been yet another mammoth year at Kodify. It is both comforting and exciting to know that this company can withstand difficult times like these and progress and grow in the successful manner we have. We have managed to ship many big production projects, reach critical tech milestones and launch some jaw-dropping marketing campaigns. 

Our CEO is ever grateful to each of our employees, across all our departments and the globe, and to show his gratitude, Kodify has added some additional new perks and benefits to our already extensive list!




1 Month Sabbatical every 3 years of employment

You read that title right!  After every 3 years of employment with the company, our employees will receive 1 month of paid time off to recharge their batteries, explore the world, learn a new skill or take up a new challenge.




Additional Parental Leave for expecting parents

For Kodifyers that are expecting a child, Kodify will offer an additional 3 weeks of paid parental leave on top of whatever the local governmental offerings are.  This will be available to expecting moms or dads, so they have the additional time to bond with their newborns during that crucial time.




Health & Wellness budget

Wellness is important at Kodify, and we try to keep our people active and engaged with different challenges throughout the year.  We feel it’s tremendously important for everyone’s well-being to keep a balanced lifestyle.  In addition to this Kodify is now offering $200/year as a “Wellness / Fitness” budget.





Cell Phone allowance for eligible employees

We are rolling out a Cell Phone allowance policy for anyone using their personal cell phones for work purposes.




You can check out our full list of perks here!


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