Natalie Lynn-Atife
May 21 • 3 min

30 Day Kodi-Fit Challenge

Providing incentives to keep your employees engaged and healthy (mentally and physically) is important during these times, but keeping these incentives optional is equally as important. Although we fully believe in fitness and wellness at Kodify, we also recognize that not everyone is in a position to participate with all of our incentives. Regardless of this fact we continue to provide the options and keep things running in the background for anyone who wants to get involved….and that isn’t exclusive to Kodifier’s!

For 30 days we ran a Fitness Challenge to encourage our Kodifier’s to keep active and fit during this lockdown period. To say this incentive was a challenge is somewhat of an understatement. The challenge consisted of 30 days of Squats, Push-ups, Lunges, and Stomach Crunches that increased daily, to numbers that I would have previously said were impossible to conquer. However it’s quite incredible how your body adjusts to the tasks at hand when it needs to. Personally, I found that besides the odd achy day, the intensity and difficulty of each day were more or less on par with the previous day due to the increase in my fitness level.

Below you will find the day-by-day guide to the challenge and a “How To” guide for each exercise.

As the previous challenge drew to an end, I was extremely excited to have accomplished my goal, yet there was a bittersweet feeling of missing the new daily routine I had established for myself during this incentive. This sentiment was widely shared amongst my fellow participants, so we decided to run another 30-day challenge, changing up the exercises for diversity and fun. We also added in some stretching at the end of each day to help promote flexibility and give ourselves 10 minutes of mindfulness at the end of each workout.

If you would like to participate in the current challenge you can find the details below.
Click on the links to find out how to do each exercise!


Bicycle Crunches

Shoulder Taps


Plank Ups 

Flutter Kicks

Mountain Climbers

Stretch routine after every workout


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