Natalie Lynn-Atife
Mar 29 • 4 min

What do our Kodifyer’s WFH stations look like?

Since we have all been working from home, there’s been a lot of interest and chatter about each other’s new working environments and areas. It’s been enlightening to see who has an office set up, who works from their dining room table and who are juggling children or pets (or both!) with a full-time role.
Many new challenges await Kodify, and we’re all well equipped to deal with them. It’s been a great learning experience and we hope to continue growing and learning in the same way. 

As many companies around the world scramble to adapt to the new permanent work from home situation, Kodify has always been a remote-friendly company, so naturally, we found ourselves in a more manageable position (Of course, the whole permanent aspect was difficult for us all, mentally). However, for most of our teams, working remotely is already a perfected way of working, meaning many of our newer teams had a strong support base to lean and learn from. 

Due to the nature of our working environment, our productivity is barely affected, and the success of our organisation remains in a healthy state. Kodify decided to close our global offices ahead of most government-enforced lockdowns, to stay ahead of the curve and do our part in slowing down the Covid-19 virus, whilst keeping all our people safe. 

Fred G. – VP of Business Development and Operations
Basia Lew – Post-Production Supervisor
Juan Ayala Hurtado – Graphic Designer
Sasha Hriaznova – Junior QA Engineer
Natalie Lynn Atife – People Operations Communications Manager
Jen Pepe – Office Manager
Madeline Stanley – Photo Editor
Carrie Augenstein – Finance Controller
Marc Heymann – Business Intelligence Manager
William Keating – Photo Editor
Patrick Mooney – Full Stack Developer
Liliane Van Laarhoven – Financial Director
Miquel Company Rodriguez – Full Stack Developer
Jessica Fernandez – Counsel
Daniel Ramirez Salas – Backend Developer & Liliana Muñoz Princep – Full Stack Developer
Samantha Pickering – Content Manager
Saraswathi Rajasekharan – Digital Marketing Sales Analyst
Thanh Nguyen – Senior QA Engineer
Lizzie Metcalfe – Product Designer
Jonathan Chopin – Video Editor
Connor Smallman – Lead React Engineer
Richie Yap – Content Coordinator
Jeremy Jagger – Webmaster
Maude Royer – Director of People Operations
Trinity Andrew – Social Media Coordinator
Steven Lodge Gonzalez – Content Editor
James Yule – Sales and Relationship Manager
Susan Uva – People Operations Coordinator
Nancy Van Zuilen – Accounting Assitant
Erice Jewett – Creative Services Manager
Sebastian Ibarra – People Operations Advisor
Daniel Calatayud – Product Owner
Steve Matthyssen – CEO & Founder

We hope you enjoyed taking a look at our Work-from-home stations!

New to remote work, and looking for some inspiration?
Check out our downloadable Work-From-Home Guide below for tricks, tips, and information!



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