Natalie Lynn-Atife
Mar 29 • 4 min

The New Normal at Kodify.

Practically the whole world has been confined to the comfort of their homes meaning our new normal has changed. Personally I am quite enjoying being at home with my little girl and my animals, working to a schedule that suits me and not having to commit to hundreds of external obligations.

Many people, however, are not so fortunate, to be able to say that this lockdown period has been a positive experience. My hopes in creating this blog post are to show what many of our Kodifiers are doing to keep themselves occupied outside of work, and hopefully give some ideas to anyone out there struggling to find how to pass the time constructively.

For those of us living in Spain, we are on week 3 of Lockdown already, which means we are having to get inventive to find things to do.  
Netflix and chill is great, for some. There’s only so many series you can watch right? (or, is there?!). Many of our teams are looking for creative ways to stay engaged, active and keep their minds occupied. People are looking to; puzzles, painting, reading, gaming and making music. These ideas and activities could very well prove to be something that you might enjoy, give it a shot!  

You can check out our People Ops Advisor in action in his work out timelapse below!

I hope these pictures and videos of our Kodifier’s new sense of normality have inspired you to take up some new hobbies, and if not, I hope they have put a smile on your face!

Wherever you are in the world, stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy. We are all in this together!


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