Meet our Team

Here’s a bunch of us and what makes our culture so unique: our team is international (over 15 nationalities and growing!), hardworking and most importantly – fun loving. We’re challenged to give the best we can without taking ourselves too seriously! Check out our open positions and to join our Kodify adventure!

Join Our Team
  • Aleksandra

    Senior QA Engineer

  • Alexandra

    Marketing Director

  • Alexandra

    Director of PeopleOps

  • Amber

    Senior People Operations Advisor

  • André

    Full Stack Team Lead

  • Andrew

    Sales and Optimization Manager

  • Antonio

    Full Stack Developer

  • Brittain

    Quality Control Specialist

  • Cassandra

    Production Coordinator

  • Celso

    Product Owner

  • Coral

    Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Dani

    Backend Developer

  • Dante

    Graphic Designer

  • Dara

    Payments Operations & Risk Manager

  • Dave

    VP Of Technology

  • Denys

    Senior Creative Lead, Digital Art

  • Erica

    Marketing Manager

  • Fran

    Business Intelligence Developer

  • Francis

    Senior Creative Lead, Digital Media

  • Francisco

    System Administrator

  • Fred


  • Guillermo

    Director of Platform Engineering

  • James

    Sales and Relationship Manager

  • Javier

    Full Stack Team Lead

  • Jeremy

    Content Editor

  • Jonathan

    Video Editor

  • Jorge

    Enterprise Architect

  • JT

    Site Reliability Engineer

  • Juan

    Graphic Designer

  • Julia

    Video Editor

  • Kevin

    Video Editor

  • Kework


  • Kurt

    Content Editor

  • Kyle

    Photo Editor

  • Lee

    Digital Imaging Technician

  • Liliana

    Full Stack Developer

  • Liliane

    Financial Director

  • Lizzie

    UX & UI Designer

  • Madeline

    Photo Editor

  • Malika

    Accounting Technician

  • Marc

    Business Intelligence Manager

  • Marcel

    Director of Software Engineering

  • Mauricio

    Graphic Designer

  • Max

    Frontend Developer

  • Mirza

    Backend Developer

  • Nancy

    Accounting assistant

  • Natalie

    Culture & Events Manager

  • Nick

    Production Assistant

  • Nikitas

    Jr Art Director

  • Philip

    Photo Editor

  • Rodrigo

    Backend Developer

  • Rose

    Content Editor

  • Sam

    Content Editor

  • Sandra

    Senior Video Editor

  • Saraswathi Rajasekharan

    Digital Marketing Sales Analyst

  • Sasha

    QA Engineer

  • Scott

    Production Assistant

  • Sebastian

    People Operations Manager - EU

  • Sergio

    Systems Administrator

  • Seva

    Director of Finance

  • Stephanie

    Post-Production Supervisor

  • Steve


  • Stevo

    Content Editor

  • Svetlana

    Senior Accounting Technician

  • Thanh

    Senior QA Engineer

  • Velemir

    Talent Advisor - EU

  • William

    Video Editor