Meet our Team

Here’s a bunch of us and what makes our culture so unique: our team is international (over 15 nationalities and growing!), hardworking and most importantly – fun loving. We’re challenged to give the best we can without taking ourselves too seriously! Check out our open positions and to join our Kodify adventure!

Join Our Team
  • Adam

    Director of Product Management

    “Delighting customers using the best design & tech available.”

  • Aleksandra

    Junior QA Engineer

    “Right or wrong, it’s very pleasant to break something up from time to time”

  • Alexandra

    Marketing Strategist

    “Marketing is a creative science built on the art of perpetual motion. Keep the pace and you’ll compete. Beat the pace and you’ll win.”

  • Alfred

    Graphic Designer

    “I just got an idea ;)”

  • Anatoli

    Acquisition Product Owner

    “Horror has a face – the purchase funnel. And you must make a friend of horror.”

  • André

    Senior React Developer

    “Smart, Beautiful, Humble”

  • Andrew

    Optimization Specialist

    “Passionate whiskey lover, hip-hop enthusiast, traffic optimization connoisseur.”

  • Andrzej

    “My hovercraft is full of eels”

  • Calvin

    Fullstack Developer

    “Developer Developer Developer”

  • Connor

    Lead React Developer


  • Coral

    Business Intelligence Analyst

    “Data is coming”

  • Dani

    Backend Developer

    “Metal evangelist, custom raider, beer lover... ah, I also do some stuff with computers”

  • Daniel

    Product Owner

    “What if it were a gift?”

  • Dara

    Payments Operations & Risk Manager

    “Everything's gonna be alright”

  • Dave

    Project Lead

    “Love the tech, and love the projects :D”

  • Denys

    Creative Designer

    “Creative mind inspired by human and wild insight that define the successful, so let's party”

  • Dries

    Full Stack Developer

    “I'm like a roller-coaster. Fun, bit chaotic, works properly. But you can't help wondering if something's wrong with it.”

  • Erica

    Creative Services Manager

    “Create with the heart; build with the mind.”

  • Francis

    Video Editor

    “Servant of the invisible art.”

  • Francisco

    Systems Administrator

    “More times it is not faster”

  • Guillermo

    Full Stack Developer

    “Tireless coding chameleon”

  • James

    Digital Marketing Coordinator


  • Javi

    Systems Administrator

    “My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I want to be a pirate!”

  • Jeremy

    Content Editor

    “Family man with a Decade of experience is now needing glasses to see”

  • Jorge

    Full Stack Developer

    “I'm a sysadmin that codes more than admin.”

  • Juan

    Graphic Designer

    “you can not PHOTOSHOP your personality!”

  • Lee

    Content Editor

    “I am a man of few words……any questions?”

  • Liliana

    Full Stack Developer

    “Nice and happy as a puppy!”

  • Liliane

    Financial Director

    “Numbers are the only universal language. I speak this language.”

  • Lizzie

    UX & UI Designer

    “Design won't save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good”

  • Marc

    Business Intelligence Manager

    “Data-driven even when I'm sleeping”

  • Marcel

    FullStack Developer

    “Amateur of Grand Marnier, voracious coder, data monger, hyperpolyglot!”

  • Mateusz

    Senior React Developer

    “I'm already a developer, It's time to become a pirate”

  • Matko

    Senior React Developer


  • Mauricio

    Graphic Designer


  • Miquel

    Fullstack Developer

    “Father and Developer. I love to know how things are made and how to fix them. wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.”

  • Nancy

    Accounting assistant

    “The Financial Runner… Relentless numbers warrior, always on top for the fastest and most accurate figures…yeah that’s me!”

  • Natalie

    Executive Assistant and Communications Manager

    “My job is basically to ensure the offices run smoothly, facilitating the needs of the whole team.”

  • Nathan

    FullStack Developer


  • Patrick M.

    Fullstack Developer

    “People like me because I can use vim”

  • Rose

    Content Editor

    “All you have to do is choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

  • Ruben

    FullStack Developer


  • Sam

    Content Editor

    “A player of words with the ability to kill you with a single nerf bullet.”

  • Saraswathi Rajasekharan

    Digital Marketing Sales Analyst

    ““Chapter 1: The art of herding sheep in a wild world””

  • Sergio

    Fullstack Developer

    “Part-time nomad in the mountain kingdom. Always looking for adventures!”

  • Seva


  • Steve


    “I try to create flexible, high energy environments focusing on value creation. Culture is everything.”

  • Stevo

    Content Editor

    “Spanish/English hybrid and outdoor enthusiast with a passion to edit.”

  • Susan

    Office Manager

    “UBUNTU: I am because we are”

  • Vjeran

    FullStack Developer

    “defender of dog realm, current of js ecosystem, aws squire”

  • William

    Video Editor

    “Trust what you feel because your eyes may deceive!”