Work hard, play harder

Kodify just passed its 4th year anniversary but we're based on years of success, building / developing and managing high-traffic websites. We have grown our websites to 7M visitors per day which comes with a challenging set of technical problems to overcome. Our success is down to Kodify’s teamwork, where each one of us plays a key role in getting us one step closer to our goals. All of this doesn’t happen without a healthy portion of fun & perks!

From company BBQs on our fantastic terrace to yearly company off-sites, we make sure sure to live by our motto “Work Hard, Play Harder”. It’s our goal to create one of the best working environments possible, which inspires everyone to grow and achieve their maximum potential!

Our Values

We work with Agile principles and SCRUM framework and things we trust are important are inherited from the Five SCRUM Values:

  • Focus - Concentrate on the work at hand to achieve the goal.
  • Courage - To entrust the team, to stand up to external pressure and commit to what the team believes can be delivered each cycle.
  • Openness - To accept changes and alternatives and to find the best solution to any problems from within.
  • Respect - Treat everybody like you would like to be treated.
  • Commitment
    • Scum Master/Agile Coach: To actively guide the team.
    • Team Member: To what they will do each cycle according to definition of done.
    • Product Owner: To prioritise backlog, share vision and give feedback to team.

But that is not all, from our early days we also value the following in our everyday work life:

  • Learning - We like to think of ourselves as eternal learners, never tired of acquiring new knowledge.
  • Fun - Profesional is not the oposite of fun! So let's have some fun while at work.
  • Excellence - Try to always give our best and excel in quality.
  • Flexibility - To work when and where we are more productive.
  • Team Work - And we love to do all this together!

All this does not mean that we do everything perfect, but when ever we encounter a problem we try to rely on our values to solve it.


  • Awesome offices and locations: Barcelona, Altea and Montreal!
  • Indefinite employment contract
  • Work in an Agile environment
  • Core hours with Flexitime: code when you’re at your most creative!
  • Latest tech equipment: choose whatever boosts your productivity!
  • 10% of your time for personal projects.
  • Personal growth and development budget
  • Free days to attend training/conferences/etc.
  • Free afternoons on Friday
  • Day off on your birthday
  • Ticket restaurant card
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Company Amazon book account
  • Fresh organic fruit, snacks, drinks etc.
  • BBQ on the terrace!
  • Kodify off-sites, events and team activities!
  • Unique Kodify culture and most importantly... an amazing, international team!

Miss anything? Tell us, we might add it to the list!